According to reports, the Warriors will not hold a rally before or after the 2022 NBA Championship Parade

The Golden State Warriors will celebrate the 2022 NBA championship on Monday with a parade in downtown San Francisco, but this year the celebration will be a little more modest.

According to Kylen Mills of Bay Area Kron 4 News, there will be no pre-show and post-show rallies and no public speeches from players. Instead, the Warriors would broadcast a speech from a private ceremony an hour before the show started.

The Golden State Championship parade starts at 2:20 pm. It will be broadcast live on ET and NBA TV. This is the first title celebration in eight years for the Warriors, who defeated the Boston Celtics in six games in the 2022 NBA Finals. This year’s tournament was characterized by the resilience and determination of the Golden State in the face of the fierce competition. Stephen Curry, the Warriors observatory who won the latest MVP for the first time in a successful career, explained why this season’s title has more meaning than its predecessor.

“It’s definitely different because in 2019 we had three years of baggage in those six games,” Curry said, referring to the Toronto Raptors’ defeat that year. “As long as we plan to get to the top of the mountain again compared to previous teams, we don’t know how many teams can handle it.”

There won’t be a rally on Monday, but Golden State fans are sure to be thrilled to celebrate the Bay Area Championship.

Kylen Mills@KylenMills

WARRIORS PARADE UPDATE: I’m told the players will not be doing any public speeches &amp; there will not be any rally before or after the parade (like the Giants have done at Civic Center).They will give speeches at 10:20am in a private ceremony which will be broadcast. <a href=”

John Dickinson
Very similar/same format to 2018 in Oakland if memory serves. There was a “made for TV” style interview session w/players in private/VIP area, then parade to follow. No rally at end like there had been in 2015/17.

Kylen Mills
While there won’t be a rally with player speeches – the parade is supposed to last nearly 3 hours while the route is just over a mile, meaning they will be stopping and surely there will be chances to interact. You can still be a part of celebrations! <a href=”

Draymond Green
Nobody speaking at the parade? Yeah I think I’m going to stay at the crib 🤷🏿‍♂️