According to the owner of a Marilyn Monroe gown, Kim Kardashian did not ‘in any way’ harm it

Ripley doesn’t believe or not! Television played reality on hand birthday and its meaning was not rejected but covered

Last month, owners of Merillan Monroe and Kim Kardashian, who belonged to Met Band, attacked debt.

Faith on the ribbon or not! This came after a negative reaction to the dressed actual TV star after the photos were posted on Instagram by collector Monroe Scott Fortner, who claimed “significant” damage.

The photos show a significant curvature, breakage and disappearance of some embroidered crystals on clothing. The video of the dress shared by author Darrell Rooney also caused shoulder injuries.

Many ridiculed Kardashian’s interest in dressing, as she was on a strict diet for several weeks before the gala concert. After Kardashian appeared on the red carpet in the original dress, it turned out to be a copy of the dress, as the zipper on the back could not be completely done.

Critics have also pointed out Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Due to the loan agreement and failure to ensure the preservation of the monument. On Thursday, the company defended its reputation, saying the debate is useful for preserving culture.

“Kim Kardashian climbed the steps of the Metropolitan Museum at this year’s Med Gala was very exciting, but believe it or not Ripley! I can say with confidence that Marilyn Monroe’s famous” Happy Birthday “costume has not been damaged since 1962. ” It is said. Our mission is to entertain and educate spectators and fans, as well as provoke conversations such as a lecture on Marilyn Monroe’s dress.

No matter which side you are on, the historical significance of the dress is undeniable, but it is emphasized. A whole new group of young people is getting to know Marilyn Monroe’s legacy.

There was a comfortable room by the stairs of the red carpet of the Med Festival, so there was no need to drive or walk as much as he was dressed.

A Ripley spokesman said Thursday that Kim’s clothes are in the same condition from the bottom of the stairs to the top. We have some help. Millions of people come to the Guardian every day for free, independent, high-quality news, and readers in 180 countries now sponsor us. We believe that all people have the right to access information based on analysis based on science, truth, authority and honesty. So we made another choice: keep our report open to all readers, no matter where they live or what they can afford. This means that more people can get better information and be motivated to work together significantly.

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