Bette Midler reacted to a backlash over her tweets about “destroying” women

Roe v. Bette Midler was attacked on social media after she tweeted about the “eradication” of women after the Supreme Court’s decision to overthrow Wade, which some saw as transphobic. Sunday seems to be Midler to news that has no news: “Women of the world! We have been removed from our rights, life, life and even our names! They no longer tell us women. They give us a birthday or menstruation, they are called, and people who have offers! Don’t let you destroy! Every man on earth owed you! ”

With significant criticism from Midler, some tweets and more than 20,000 responses received answers with some objections, as they deprived the transcripts that need abortion. The most serious reaction that accused some of Midler’s users like TerF or Transleus -Faisner, which is JK. Rolling Some have proposed the idea of ​​skipping the upcoming Focus Pocus sequel on Disney +, in which Midler will reprise his role as Winifred.

Amid the typical reaction on Twitter, author Cathy Mac summed it up with Midler’s tweet: “Pregnancy includes pregnant women and men who are pregnant but not women. This in no way destroys / denies women. It is more inclusive. I am a woman. I don’t have a daughter, but I do have friends who may be pregnant. The language that contains them does not harm me.

The reaction against Midler comes at a time when some states are limiting healthy choices for transgender people. In February, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ordered state health officials to begin testing parents who allow their transgender children to undergo surgery on sexual assertion. About the described operation as “abuse of children”.

On Tuesday, Midler shared a comment on New York Times to his Twitter account, trying to prepare the environment for his original tweet. Paul’s fragment “The right and left left finds something they can agree: women do not count.”

Sharing this connection, Midler wrote a tweet: “The people of the world! My voice about women responded to this impressive and good area written in New York City on July 3. There were no deviant or transphobic intentions in my words. That’s not the point. ”

“It’s about the same old women, from cavemen to all women,” she continued.

The Hollywood Reporter contacted Midler’s representatives for comment.