Carlos Santana is ‘doing fine’ after being hospitalized for heat exhaustion and dehydration during a concert

During a concert in Michigan on Tuesday, Carlos Santana hospitalized with thermal fatigue and dehydration.

Michael Sex, a legend about rock, said USA Today that Santana at the Pine Music Theater (formerly DDE Energy Music Theater), 40 miles from Detroit, when he was transferred to the emergency department, an emergency case was transferred. McLaren Clarkston Hospital. According to Jensen’s statement, Santana manager Michael Verionis said the singer is being monitored and “doing well.”

Santana’s Wednesday show at the Pavilion in Star Lake, Washington County, Pennsylvania, has been postponed. Santana underwent heart surgery in December, which forced him to cancel several Las Vegas concerts scheduled for that month.

In a video posted on social media at the time, Santana said she asked her husband to take her to the hospital due to chest problems. “I will definitely take some time, rest and rebuild my body,” Santana said.

Santana concluded: Besides, I hope you and your family are healthy, peaceful and happy. At the time, Verionis said in a statement that Santana had undergone “unexpected heart surgery,” but did not provide details.

“Carlos is feeling great and looking forward to getting back on stage in the near future,” added Verionis. “He is deeply sorry that it is the need to abolish his future events.”

Carlos Santana “Practice an unexpected heart”

Heart training and hot recovery 10 times canceled his concerts at Mandal Bay and Casino in late 2021.

In May 2020, Santana announced the death of his younger brother George Chandan at the age of 68 at the age of 68. His family said he died of natural causes.

Carlos Santana wrote: We take time to celebrate the wonderful spirit of our dear brother George. He passed into the realm of light between our glorious and wonderful mother Josephine and our father Joseph, where the eyes of my heart did not see him clearly.