Do you have an old device? If this 768 meter case is successful you can get compensation

The 25 million Britons who owned the old iPhone in 2017 could file a lawsuit against Apple if the lawsuit is successful.

The consumer hero sued Apple for $ 76.768 million for software updates that slowed down old iPhones in 2017. Justin Goodman has sued 25 million iPhone owners in the UK affected by Apple’s actions.

Apple has acknowledged that software updates released in 2017 could damage a device, although it claims that the software protects the phone’s battery life. Critics accuse consumers of deliberately reducing the performance of older models to buy newer models.

The company previously paid $ 113 million for a similar lawsuit in Arizona and $ 500 million for another lawsuit in California. Mr Goodman’s action was brought before the Court of Appeal, a British body specializing in anti-competitive courts.

This warning, that is, those who have iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, do not need to take losses seriously. Select a file. . . “Instead of doing decent work for its customers, instead of providing a free replacement, repair, or compensation, Apple is hiding people by hiding in software updates a tool that speeds up their devices to 58,” Goodman said. The percentage is slowing down, misleading.

I am starting this process to compensate millions of iPhone users in the UK who have suffered because of Apple’s actions. He added: “If this case succeeds, I hope that the ruling companies will re-evaluate their business models and stop such actions.”

The scandal erupted after a study by a Reddit user who claimed that Apple technology automatically slows down phones when battery capacity is low. Apple acknowledged the problem and apologized for the apparent decline.

The company said in a statement that the lithium-ion batteries used in its phones are small enough to provide high currents as we age. There may be problems with peak currents, especially when the batteries are cold or under-charged – Apple said: “Suddenly the device turns off to protect its electronic components.”

Lithium ion batteries later lose their capacity due to the physical wear and tear of ions passing through the battery material. But iPhone users complain that their devices turn off suddenly, even when there is a major charge.

The company said it would eventually replace users ’batteries at a reduced price for a while, and introduced a feature that allows users to turn off power management tools. The company also said it will not do anything to intentionally reduce product life. Tim Duck, the company’s chief executive, has publicly apologized, saying Apple has not tried to deceive anyone. However, Goodman says Apple has done little to inform customers about its battery replacement services, and the company has abused its market dominance.