Downing Street is under pressure to explain why the Prime Minister’s ethics adviser resigned

Following the resignation of the councilor in 2020, the government has faced an urgent problem in the House of Commons regarding this sudden resignation.

Downing Street is under pressure to announce the reason for the resignation of moral adviser Boris Johnson – the government is facing an urgent question about his resignation. Lord Guide’s letter to the Prime Minister explaining the reasons for his sudden departure No. 10 has not been published, but will be updated later.

The Labor Party has called on the government to explain the resignation of the councilor – following the resignation of his predecessor, Sir Alex Allen in 2020, John Banrows, the prime minister’s anti-corruption activist, resigned last week. Political Center: No. 10 from the resignation of the protocol advisor shocked

The party raised an urgent question in this regard.

The only concept left by Lord Guide is, “I think it’s true that I gave up my post as an independent advisor to the interests of ministers.”

When asked why the government did not publish its resignation letter, Dominic Rob said Sky News: “I don’t know if there is a full letter.”

Deputy Prime Minister Rob said the counselor will soon be replaced. Lord Keith’s decision reportedly surprised Downing Street.

Last month, after receiving a party fine for attending a cabinet birthday party in June 2020, he said there was a “legal question” as to whether the prime minister had broken the law. On Tuesday, he refused to allow lawmakers to resign in response to Johnson’s fine.

“Looking at the Prime Minister’s horrific behavior over time, we see an independent moral adviser reappear, and I don’t think that’s weird,” Labor Secretary Nick Thomas Simmonds told Sky News. “It’s impossible here that the number 10 doesn’t reveal the cause for some reason … We have to look at a situation where the number 10 is obvious.”

Labor MP Chris Bryant, chairman of the General Legal Standards Committee, has called for the BBC to step down. “Dunning Street always does that. It says there’s nothing to look at. Then we realized there was an accusation,” he said. “Between reading the inter -tax and the various statements he made, he suggests that the prime minister violated the code,” he said.

Liberal Democrats have called for parliament to play a role in the election of ruler Jait.

“History shows that Boris Johnson cannot be reliable to choose a man to refer to homework,” party leader Sir Ed Davi said.

Mr. Rob, who gave up from Lord Gidesse, asked him if Mr. Johnson reflects the other two: “I don’t understand what the reason is. These questions undoubtedly relate to an important business matter in which he has been involved or consulted.

I understand that at the beginning of this week he hopes to stay another six months. He was clearly in front of the deputies.

“Later today there will be another update of number 10.”

Asked if he thought government was always ethical, Mr Robb said: “Yes, I do. I think we will do everything possible for the country.

“Are we wrong? Yes, it can happen – we are human, we can be wrong.