Drake’s new album is set to enrage fans.

In this life, we can only be sure that death, lines and a new album of songs on the Internet will fight. Honestly, the latest album Nevermind, Tracy and a Trap was released last night at midnight on Friday, June 17th. The entry was surprised by fans, because just a few hours ago on Instagram, Drake, was declared by Mr. Lamar. Standing from future versions of Mermaral and the Great Renaissance and Renaissance Bion, both gave fans some time to prepare.

About how normal it is, to be honest, an album by a guy -khlopets 2021, who believed that the Canadian rapper strengthens the same advice and plays a little. On the contrary, honestly, Never Mind seems to be up to date, and this is a quick change that is unacceptable on the Internet.

It’s the “Falling Pack”, which seems to have been removed from the sound set by the song autodune and hypnotic bass. Or a strange tingling that moves in a triple way of “currents.” Elsewhere, “Texts Go Green” is a moment associated with the soul, reminiscent of a DNA exchange with the anthem More Life “Fashionfruit”. In the original “sticky” solo, he creates a club song that secretly rises and falls on his chest. Friend and fashion symbol, model of the late Virgil Apollo. Dedicated to “Our Brother V,” to be honest, there is still a lot of darkness and despair beneath the surface, including signs of a rift where he says, “I don’t remember when we met.” We lost. “Another / was it last year? This year? or something else? / You say things that hide lies / We can do it this time.

Announcing his seventh solo studio album on Instagram, the rapper summed it all up and simply described the post: “Midnight released the seventh solo studio album” Honestly, don’t worry. ”

But in his Apple Music profile, he honestly gave more insight to fans.

Nevermind, writing:

I let my humbleness turn to numbness at times letting time go by knowing I got the endurance to catch it another time,” Drake wrote on his Apple Music page for the new album. “I work with every breath in my body cause it’s the work not air that makes me feel alive. That’s some real detrimental shit but that’s that shit my perfectionist mind doesn’t really mind because no one knows whats on my mind when I go to sleep at 9 & wake up at 5—unless I say it in rhyme.

I can’t remember the last time someone put they phone down, looked me in the eyes and asked my current insight on the times. But I remember every single time someone shined a light in my eyes. I purposely try to forget what went on between some ppl and I because I know I’m not a forgiving guy even when I try.

My urge for revenge wins the game against my good guy inside every single fckn time. I got plans I can’t talk about with more than like 4 guys because the last time I shared em with someone on the outside…well that’s another story for another night.

I was tryna get thru that statement to get to saying I’m not @ a time in my life where pats on the shoulder help get me by. I’ll take loyalty over an oh my & emoji fire.

I know if it was a dark night where all the odds were against my side & my skill went to whoever took my life they’d done me off with a big smile & maybe evn post it for some likes. I know everyone that tells me they love me doesn’t love me all the time especially when im doing better than alright & they have to watch it from whatever point they at in their life

I got here being realistic.

I didn’t get here being blind.

I know whats what and especially what and who is by my side