EPRA Announces Mass Recruitment for Permanent and Pensionable Positions

Kenyans who want to improve their careers can now apply for jobs after the recruitment announcement by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA).

The announcement of this commission states that out of the total number of 63 employees, 50 people are looking for permanent and pension jobs, and 13 people are being offered 5-year contracts. Jobs range from corporate service managers to internal audit managers and drivers, managers, office assistants and communications managers.

The application period will run from July to July 31, 2022.

Interested candidates are advised to email their applications to recruitment22@epra.go.ke quoting their Aadhaar number. Questions must be sent to the Director General of Nairobi, Energy and Oil Regulation (APPRA).

A request signed in all programs and their current and previous employers, which occupies the position of current and previous employers, current and expected rights, education status and names of at least three professional arbitrators, two of which must be in the current company. Other requirements are copies of training and professional certificates, a copy of the birth certificate and a copy of their national identity.

“Request, curriculum and valid certificates of these educational and professional certificates; national identification; identification and correction of KRA license certificates; what The application window closes at 5:00 p.m. July 31st.

Each candidate can review the details and requirements for individual vacancies without any expected salary on the reference website. For the positions of administrators, candidates must have 12 years of experience, which is not valid for the positions of driver and administrative assistant.