In his first meeting with Twitter staff, Elon Musk alluded to layoffs

Billionaire Ilan Musk, during a meeting with Twitter staff, noted the potential job cuts if the acquisition of a social media company worth $ 44 billion ($ 35 35.8 billion) is successful.

He also spoke on topics such as teleworking, free speech, and life on Earth. Mr Musk has spoken with employees for the first time since launching his investment in the company in April.

He said he would withdraw from the contract if he did not provide false account information. During a wide-ranging video call to Twitter on Thursday, Musk said the layoffs depend on the company’s financial situation.

The company must be healthy. “Now the value is more than the income,” he said.

He added: no … “An important contribution should not be taken care of.”

He also expressed a desire to work from the office, “if someone is no exception.” However, he did not provide purchase of problems with the purchase, and Twitter personnel were transferred to the internal communication channel and disappointed with comments on compensation for employees and employees.

Mr. Musk, the head of the Tesla and SpaceX electric vehicle company, discussed residential establishments outside the ground, though he said he lost real evidence for foreigners. Can we go to other star systems and see if there are extraterrestrial civilizations? He wondered if this scene could help “civilization and consciousness.”

In particular, a group of SpaceX employees, of whom Musk is the CEO, wrote in an internal letter to company executives on Thursday that Musk was “often distracted and embarrassed.” Late in the evening, however, digital currency investor Dogecoin sued him for $ 258 billion ($ 20,209 billion), accusing him of carrying out a pyramid scheme to raise its price.

The New York lawsuit alleges that Mr. Musk “used his base as the richest man in the world to operate Dogecoin’s pyramid scheme for profit, disclosure, and entertainment.” Earlier this month, Musk threatened to abandon the purchase, accusing Twitter of “blocking” its requests for more information about its user base.

In a letter to regulators, he said he has the right to scale spam accounts on his own. Further information was drawn in the disputed letter, which lasted several weeks after the announcement that the suspended contract had been “terminated”.

Shares of the company traded at $ 37.36 each at the close of trading on Thursday in New York City, which was lower than the price offered by Mr. Musk at $ 54.20.