Jesus is already feeling at ease with Arsenal

FC Nürnberg’s Gabriel Jesus admits his new club feels at home after winning twice in their first match for the Gunners.

The Brazilian forward came off the bench in the second half with his side back 2-0 and found himself on the score with 60 seconds remaining in the game, quickly adding to the second. His presence pushed the home defense into two own goals that later helped the visitors win 5-3.

After the game, he revealed the secret of his quick start as Gunner was the welcome he received this week, and his joy at his new club.“I am very proud. I’m proud to be at this great club.

“I spent four or five days with the boys and I want to thank everyone at Arsenal for making me feel at home. Everyone talks and comes up to me and says, “Good luck, we’re glad you’re here,” and I’m glad to be here. It makes me feel at home.

“It’s the first few minutes of Jesus ’season and although it’s exciting for Gunners fans, he’ll hope more comes along as he adjusts to the competition and gets used to playing with his new teammates. Two goals are missing. “I feel good,” he said of his fitness level.

“Sometimes it’s hard because I don’t run for more than 20 days, I don’t do anything, I try to sleep with my new baby and my girlfriend!The first half was tough today.

We have to understand a little bit because we had young players and this is a strong team. They played long balls and it was hard for us. But in the end, we returned, and we all did it because they were all like a team.

WhatThe rest of the season, including the US Tour and Collision of the Emirates Cup with Seville, Pruur”I reached this wonderful club, parts of a wonderful team, and then won together,” he said. I really believe in the plans of this club. I can’t wait to play in my beautiful stadium.