Novak Djokovic defeats Cameron Norrie to advance to the Wimbledon final

That deficit was smaller for Novak Djokovic. Less tension is visible. Of course, he doesn’t want to fall behind the competition. And when he does, he knows how to deal with it. It’s really weird how the whole game falls apart because you’re nervous. Then no shot goes well. Djokovic said: Your feet are stable and slow. Something happens during a race and suddenly it’s completely different and you fly. “Everything flows.”

Djokovic won his second straight Wimbledon title on Friday, defeating Britain’s Cameron Nouri 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. The All-England Club continues its fourth consecutive 27-match home title streak.

“The more you go through such situations, the better you don’t feel, but the more ready you are. “You know what to expect,” Djokovic said. That civil war is the greatest war in history. ”

He will face major finalist Nick Kyrgios for the first time on Sunday to win the trophy.

“It’s not over,” Djokovic said.

Australian Kyrgios, 27, mocked Djokovic in an on-tribune interview when 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal retired with a torn stomach. No need to play on Friday. muscle “Mature in the mouth,” Kyrgios described the next match.

He won both their previous meetings against Djokovic, even though they were on hard court five years ago. “One thing is for sure,” Djokovic said. There will be a lot of emotional fireworks from both of them. ”

Djokovic’s return to another Wimbledon final is more expected than the appearance of Kyrgios. But, as first seed Djokovic has indicated, his opponent on Sunday has a capacity for attention.

“These are the situations he likes, he’s thriving on the big stage,” Djokovic said. “So to a certain extent I’m not surprised he’s there. Honestly, as a tennis fan, I’m glad he’s in the finals because he’s so talented. When he came on tour, everyone praised him and expected great things from him.

“Of course we know what has happened to him mentally and emotionally over the years. A lot of things distracted him on and off the field and he couldn’t reach that consistency. “Considering the quality of the player, he should be here and deserves to be here.”

It was Djokovic’s 32nd Grand Slam title, breaking Roger Federer’s men’s record and giving the 35-year-old Djokovic his 21st major title and seventh Wimbledon. Only Federer has more titles on men’s lawn – 8 titles.

On the hottest day in two weeks, 85 degrees and no wind, Djokovic was initially unhappy, repeatedly showing off his guest box. But unlike in the quarterfinals, where he lost the first two sets against Yannick Sinner and won five sets, Djokovic took some time to establish his dominance.

It is difficult to know what will allow Djokovic to return from two sets and then win, including the final of the 2021 French Open. He said: speaking in the bathroom helps against sin. After the first set, he joked that wearing a white hat made a difference against Nouri. Dzokovich responded on Friday to explain a white bottle, which appears to be inhaled during another race: “Magic Pocio.”

“You’ll find it soon, but now you can’t talk about it,” he said.

Jokovich started a good light for locals, hoping that only Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, who only won Andy Murray as a Wimbledon champion, who won the single Wimbledon champion, and the only Wimbledon champion came yearly. There was a roar when the left light first appeared. Djokovic poured water into his hand and applied it to his hair. When Nouri’s flying forwards winner finished the break in the first match, he jumped up and delivered an uppercut. Union Jack flags fluttered in the stands.

Won the championship? No, did you reach the final? This is not true either. Overall, it was quite a celebration after he scored 5 points in 202 points, 4 points in 154 minutes in 35 games.

When Djokovic broke down again, he went to grab his white towel and soak his sweat. According to him, this is not a great achievement.

A small example of how diverse and good Djokovic is is in a particularly exciting place. He gets a kick as he moves, but Nori counters with a kick. So Djokovic swept the net behind him, to the baseline, and hit a volley with a big curve between his legs, looking the wrong way. Nouri met him, turned to respond with a handshake, and Djokovic finished the 14-hand exchange with a fake winner.

Even the party members present applauded and applauded. Djokovic raised the index finger of his right hand to the sky.

However, only two of Nori’s first 20 points came from game winners he created. In the first series alone, Djokovic made 12 non-binding errors. His recovery: Djokovic has made 16 optional errors in the last three sets.