Orania is working on a solar energy scheme to move off the Eskom grid

Urania, the only African city in the Northern Cape, produces its own electricity. Residents of Urania hope to be independent of Eskom within the next five years as the country struggles with electricity savings. The city has completed the first phase of its renewable energy projects, which provide more than 20% of the city’s electricity needs.

Currently, the city is independent of the local municipality of Tembelihle. Jost Stridom, a spokesman for the Uranium movement, explains.

“Taking care of our community at different levels, like electricity, is part of the Orania project. So it’s not a reaction to the download we’re seeing right now. However, we now prioritize energy for our community.

Business owners in the African city believe that the city’s ability to generate its own electricity independently of Eskom will benefit their businesses. The owners of the companies also shared their views.

Urania is still part of South Africa, so we are still dealing with the same issues that South Africa is dealing with. So when the load drops, it happens at Orania, and that’s one of the things that keeps us as small and large business owners. This is an important factor in our daily business.

We have a restaurant and a call center. The restaurant uses a lot of energy and we need to improve. So I hope this helps us.

The city says it hopes to protect its residents and economy from blackouts while the rest of the country faces power outages due to the Escom failure. Golden Soul Project Manager Ryan Jacobs explains.

To disconnect all of Orania from the grid, we would need a larger plant of about 4-5 MW. It doesn’t matter at the moment because we plan to use Eskom at night. Now it is not necessary to produce 4-5 megawatts of electricity from the 6th to the 22nd.

The first phase of the recently completed solar project will generate 841 kilowatts of electricity for 200 homes. About 2,500 people live in this city.

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