Phil Mickelson shoots a 3-over 73 on Friday, but is 11 over par for the US Open

After losing his ninth green game at the Country Club near Boston on Friday, the good news for Phil Mickelson is that he will no longer have to worry about losing his next start in two weeks.

Although they played better in the second round on Friday, 122 U.S. Mickelson did not do so at the Open. He scored 73 runs in 3 overs and reduced the total to 36 runs in 11 overs.

Upon leaving the field, he was 143rd out of 156 players. “I enjoyed this week. I just wanted to play better,” Michelson said later. Mickelson, a six-time Grand Champion, made his U.S. debut in late January. He was one of 17 players suspended indefinitely by PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan for failing to reveal a controversial event at the opening of the LIV Golf Invitational in London last week. Michelson, 52, is scheduled to travel to the United States from June 30 to July 2 at Pumpkin Ridge in Portland, Oregon.

He plans to hold his first LIV golf tournament. There are no cuts in the LIV competition, including a shotgun launcher and a $ 25 million bag. With 11 overs and 36 runs, Michelson is the fifth worst major champion of his career. He made 13 runs in 36 overs at the 2020 US Open and Wingfoot and Carnesty Open in 1999 and 12 overs at the 1994 and 2021 US Open. The biggest moment in Mickelson’s second round was when his wrong shot hit a fan standing on the street. The man was assisted by USGA, and Michelson approached and shook hands. There was ice on the man’s head.

The incident did not move Michelson much. After the bugle hit him in the fourth hole from 12 overs, Mickelson returned to the tenth hole and released the birds into the fifth hole in Bar-4 and the sixth hole in Bar-3.

After an 8-78 fight in the first round, Mickelson got off to a great start on Friday. Then, starting at 9 a.m., he had three straight bars in front of the buggy card for the next three bars. He was a 3-foot booby on Bar-413. In the next hole, a 5,616-yard stick monster hit the ball with a tree 3 on Mickelson’s path. He immediately raised his left hand and shouted, “Left!” . He fired a third shot at Greenside Shelter and fired three shots at another boogie. “Going back to the history lessons, I thought it was a great system, and it showed what a special place it is,” Mickelson said.

In general, the public warmly greeted Mickelson. “The fans here are always scary, and they really support all the games,” Mickelson said. I love when we bring golf here because they really create a special atmosphere.