South Carolina ousted Republicans who voted for Trump’s resignation

The Republican lost an attempt to seize his seat after he strongly opposed the vote for the resignation of former US President Donald Trump.

Five times South Carolina President Tom Rice lost the primary to Russell Fry, a Trump-backed lawmaker. But Nancy Meese, another Republican in the state who criticized Mr. Trump, easily won.

Mrs. Mess later visited the Trump Tower to express her loyalty. Voting in Congress on Tuesday took place in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina and Texas.

Mr. Rice was a staunch supporter of the Trump uprising in Congress on January 6, 2021, when he joined the Democrats and became one of 10 Republicans shortly after the ousted president. Mr. Trump has been acquitted in the Senate on political charges. The Democratic-led Congress is currently conducting a public inquiry into the insurgency in Congress, accusing the former president of involvement in a coup. Mr Rice acknowledged that his resignation could end his political career, but said he would follow his conscience. He lost more than 25 points on Tuesday night. The 10 Republicans who voted for Trump’s resignation faced different consequences. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinsenger have become critics of Trump and are now investigating the insurgency in the U.S. Congress. Mr. Kingsinger was among those who did not run in the by-elections. Others are fighting for political life. Ms. Mess did not vote for Trump’s removal, but she condemned the riots and voted for President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 White House election.

This year, he filmed and edited a video near the Trump Tower in New York City to remind voters that he was one of the former president’s first supporters. Mr. Trump has backed his rival, former lawmaker Katie Arrington. But Ms. Miss easily exceeded the 50 percent threshold needed to block the second round. Mr. Trump, who turned 76 on Tuesday, defeated Mr. Rice and Ms. Mess and asked fans to give him two birthday presents.

Political scientists expect that the winners of the Republican primary in South Carolina will win the November midterm elections against the Democrats. According to other results, Republicans lost more Spanish seats in Texas for the first time.

During the early elections in the 34th constituency, Mira Flores won a seat with 13 points by 2020. Mr Biden’s popularity in the Reuters / Ipsus poll fell to 39% for the third week in a row.