The true story of Elon Musk’s transgender child

When you become the richest man in the world and soon become the father of a billionaire, many may forgive you for wanting to keep him close. But Ilan Musk’s son Javier, 18, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, 50, announced his decision to become a woman, leaving part of his Musk name behind to lose touch. Vivian Jenna Wilson, one of Mask’s seven children, is now transgender and has five children by Justin Wilson’s first wife because he “no longer lives and doesn’t want to have a relationship with [me].” According to documents recently filed with the Los Angeles County Supreme Court, his biological father was in any shape, form or form.

So why are they suddenly falling apart? The first thing we’ve heard of five children with Wilson is that they all have fewer features, and many people have the same recession, as many people show that the new gender identity of teens and legal renaming stays behind. Sand to deliver like that – called.

Despite the fact that LGPD insists on the payment of rights, Tesla is one of the LGBD workers, “Sucking Bronze” is one of the Tweets, which has been divided by a billionaire since 2020. From growing up 18 years old to his father in a trance debate is all we know.

Six siblings changed, one name changed
Griffin. Alexander Nevada Damien காய். . Exa Dark Sideræl. X Æ A-Xii. These are the names of Vivian’s brothers, sisters, and cousins. Five of them were with his first wife, Canadian writer Justin Wilson, and the last two are the names of masks with pop star Crimes. Failed with.

Co – founder Mask Tesla and Wilson, a science fiction writer, met while studying at Queens University in Ontario and were married in 2000. After their first child died in Nevada in 2002 at the age of 10 weeks due to Subit Infant Death Syndrome, they had twins Griffin and Javier in 2004, and then in 2006 IVF gave birth to three children, Guy, Saxon and Damien. Javier, one of the old couple’s twins, was reportedly named Professor Javier in The X-Men. Musk and Wilson divorced in 2008, but shared custody of five (relatively) adult children in April, until news broke that Javier had requested a name change this week.

The care of our five children is equally divided. “I spend all my hours with my kids, and they are the love of my life,” Musk wrote in the 2010 issue of Business Insider.

His second wife, actress Tallulah Riley, confirmed this by saying she was “loyal to her children”. “She’s trying to get home early with me and the kids for a family dinner and playing computer games with the boys,” she says of the mask in the book. He and the millionaire saw the children four days a week. .

Actress Amber Heard later released photos of her children and a mask when they met her boss at Tesla in 2017. Musk did not talk about his children with Wilson, but he spoke very clearly about his children with Crimson, child X Æ A-Xii (abbreviated X) was a “guardian” and showed him on his feet during the video. He calls.

Neither her parents nor Vivian commented on the update, and it is unclear whether Vivian will receive funding from her father. But documents filed in Los Angeles cite the teen’s legal reason: “sexual identity, and I no longer want to live or communicate with my biological father in any form, form or form.”

The renaming review is scheduled for Friday. Will he pay more attention to this relationship then or in the coming months? Dad speaks loudly from different points of view I fully support trance, but all of these pronouns are an aesthetic dream. “Chuck’s nickname.” “At the same time, we are being told that there is no sex difference, that there are very deep sex differences, and that an irreversible operation is the only way. Perhaps someone wiser than me will be able to explain this difference.

Among them are tweets shared by Ilan Musk, who has been negotiating $ 44 billion for the past two years. Are they the reason that Javier, now Vivian, has so openly abandoned his father?

In December 2020, the millionaire was criticized for sharing a pantomime that “mocked him in your biography”. Saston Puttigek – US Transport Minister Pitgak – such a critic replied: “I hear your despair, home color. Look at me after class and we can go back to the work page.”

Since then, the mask has been supported by the Republican Party, and some of its duties include restrictions on the rights of transgender people in the United States, and he told the Egibidik community called “Dawn”. Gay bill that prohibits discussing sexual identity and homosexuality in classes

The mask asked LGPD to be professional, alluding to the carpenter as a wonderful job for a free attitude to LGPD, but this month it was decided on a trance. On June 11, he wrote on Twitter: “At the same time, we have been told that there is no sex difference, the sexes are very different and the only way out is an irreversible operation. Perhaps someone wiser than I can explain. differences. Give. ” An hour later, he tweeted, “This is a better world, we judge less and less.” Maybe he and his transgender daughter can admit it.

The true story of Elon Musk's transgender child
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The true story of Elon Musk's transgender child
When you become the richest man in the world and soon become the father of a billionaire, many may forgive you for wanting to keep him close. But Ilan Musk's son Javier, 18, founder of Tesla and SpaceX,
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