Tom Mann was distraught after his fiancée died on their wedding day

Former X Factor contestant Tom Mann fell in love after the death of his fiancée Danny on his wedding day.

Tom is best known for his performance in the 2014 ITV singing competition and played as one of eight members of the boy band Stereo Kick. The group was formed by the judges after each member first returned as a solo artist and gained many fans throughout the show.

Sadly, Tom had to announce that his wife is dying on what should have been their most special day. The couple share an eight-month-old son named a boy.

Tom took to social media to share some shocking news: “I can’t believe I’m writing these words, but my beloved Danny – my best friend, everything and me. Love for life – it’s Saturday morning, June 18th. .

He perfected his heart with a photo caption of his Instagram partner and baby, “putting an end to a hopelessly broken heart on what should have been the happiest day of our lives. I feel like I’ve been crying at the sea.

“We couldn’t swing. Or take our vows or dance our first dance. But in what happened to me, you’re my whole world. I know it was the best, Daniel.”

They weren’t married, but Tom promised Danny, “I always wear this ring, it was meant to be worn as a sign of unconditional love for you.”

He admitted that he was “completely heartbroken” as he tried to deal with the tragedy and “honestly, I don’t know where to go from here.”

But he wants to “use all the power I can muster for a child”, even though his parent Danny feels “no signs”. “I promise I’ll do my best to raise Bowie the way we’ve always wanted. He promises to know how wonderful his mother was. I promise you that I will be very proud of you.

“The most beautiful person at home and abroad. The most incredible soul. We have lost such a special person and we are convinced that we try to see many spills of love that reflect this. I am trying to find peace in your posts and comments, but now I am sad and for a long, long time.

He signed her “beloved” girlfriend as “the brightest light in any room” declaring that her world was “nothing but darkness” without her.

Tom concludes: I miss you forever. The musician is like Meme Webb, where Tom wrote the song, with plenty of support from his followers. x We are with you.

The X Factor contestants also showed support for Berkeley Beers and Charlie Jones, who were also members of the stereokick. Berkeley observed and Charlie said, “I read and broke this Tom. Look at all my love for you and the boy. Singer Tom Grennan wrote, “I love you brother” and Gabriel Alvin said, “Hey Tom, I’m heartbroken for all of you. I’m so sorry, I’m sorry.” I wrote. Send so much love and strength to you and your little xxx.

After appearing on the talent show – they finished with a nice fifth place – Stereo Kick released their debut single Love Me So.

The song reached number 31 on the UK Singles Chart, but less than a year later, the Anglo-Irish group of James Graham, Jake Sims, Chris Leonard, Casey Johnson and Reese Baby announced their dissolution. Unable to secure a record transaction.